NEW YA fantasy story

Pun intended… the title of the book is NEW. I know I’m not very imaginative with my titles. The main character is Kemla, so the series is KEMLA and the theme in this book is new, new work, new love, new fears. So the book title is NEW.

It’s available here:

And here’s the opening chapter…

Pain stabs down my arm and up into my neck.

I hiss. Laying still is the only safe thing to do.  Stupid slave traders, stupid bandits, stupid shackles … but what a strange dream. It can’t  have been a dream, that had to be real. Ma really was there – or here – or wherever we were/are.

I blink the sleep out of my eyes. I’m laying on the ground, in the mountainous bandit filled forest of Trand Realm. My attempts at using magic to remove the shackles from my wrists and ankles practically knocked me out. I won’t be doing that again in a hurry.

Lii is chomping on clumps of grass. It’s near midday, time for lunch, if I had anything to eat. Otherwise I am alone. Leon is gone. Alive I hope, but not near me. He let me go, he let me escape – why didn’t he come with me?

I curse myself for the thought. He’s a slave trader, of course he wasn’t going to escort me to safety. I should just be grateful that he let me go.

How are you feeling, Kem? Lii asks, her interest still on the grass.

I sigh, I’m going to have to get up sooner or later. I have more strength inside, but I’m sore and stiff on the outside.

What’s our next step Kem? Are we going back to the Summers Mountains?